Hood Ornament

  Denise Masino has had T.V. appearances on Playboy's Sexcetera, The Montel Williams Show and on The Maury Povich Show and has starred in feature films such as Blood & Kisses. Currently producing  a series of super kinky videos featuring … [Read more...]

Muscle Kink IS What’s Hot!

We've teamed up 8 of the baddest girls of bodybuilding  to create our newest, hottest DVD release,  MUSCLE KINK. Loaded with extremely kinky and provocative situations, this sexually charged video stars Canadian beauty Kim Birtch - who will amaze you … [Read more...]

He Shoots, He Scores

    Want a sexy nude picture of your girlfriend?  Well, you could sneak up on her with a Nikon while she's stepping out of the shower, but there's a decent chance your expensive camera will end up in pieces on the bathroom floor. Here's a better idea … [Read more...]

Naughty, Nice & 61!

"I look pretty damn good for 61!," Evie told us. The woman does not lie. The rock - hard fitness phenomenon shows off her erotic side in a daring Muscle PinUps pictorial. Watch for it. It throbs with raw, Latin sensuality!   … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Women of Muscle PinUps

I have always been amazed by the obvious power of a women’s sex appeal. My appreciation and love for the fit female form, to me, is priceless. For as long as I can remember, I have loved looking at beautiful muscular women. My inspiration to become a … [Read more...]

Pinning Her Down : Andrea Giacomi

For many men, few things in life are as frightening as a woman who can kick their ass. But for others, few things are more thrilling. Modern-day Amazons with thighs of steel and bad attitudes are making big bucks for forging a new line of work in … [Read more...]

Here’s a quick Q & A from BrandiMae

Here's a quick Q & A from the gorgeous Brandi Mae: Where were you born? Dallas, Texas. Where do you live now? Las Vegas, Nevada. Birthdate? April 23rd. Your measurements? 36D-27-37 with 23" thighs. What is your website? brandimae.com. What's … [Read more...]

She’s a Knockout!

  Beautiful Milinda Richardson is the overwhelming choice for our next Model Spotlight. As you'll see in her special portfolio, the 30-year-old blonde's brash and sassy star shines brighter than ever. It's no wonder she stole our hearts . . . and … [Read more...]

Bad Girl Kim Stahl

On the surface, this homegrown Florida native turned muscle queen embodies everything a fan could want - beauty, brains and muscle!  Look at those juicy abs and juicy clit - and she is just getting started.  Be sure to watch your step if you see her … [Read more...]

Shades of Beauty

SHADES of BEAUTY Variety is still the spice of life. Generic good looks are a thing of the past - the exotic allure of color is what's hot in Muscle PinUps' first - ever Shades of Beauty Collection. Each month bask in the glow of the sexiest … [Read more...]