It’s about being a photographer.It’s about the sheer joy of clicking the shutter . . . repeatedly! The sweet sound of the shutter and the explosion that occurs in your head and your heart when you make the shot. The “rush” is the shot, you know. You make the picture and you know something just froze solid in a shifting world. Something stabilized, for all time. You just hung your hat on a moment that otherwise would be gone forever, and now you can go back and take a look at that moment, be it amazing or ordinary, any time you want.It’s about your eye in the camera as the light hits just right. It’s about the slight turn of your model’s face that speaks to the viewer. It’s about holding your breath as you shoot. It’s about the nerves, the joy, and the terror of wondering if you got it. And then dancing about, punching holes in the air when you know you did. It’s about . . . the moment it clicks.Note : If you enjoy this image of the ageless Evie LaRosa and want to see thousands more of the world’s top muscle babes (with and without their clothes on. But mostly without) just click on to

Evie by a haystack

Evie by a haystack

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