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Industrial Strength Tina Marie

"My training is super hardcore - I follow a no days off philosophy. I love training hard and heavy and out-doing the boys at the gym" - Tina Marie  Catch her naked muscle at … [Read more...]

Dirty Diva Laura Brings Big Muscle And Sex

All that muscle, All that power, it's a total Dirty Diva smash. … [Read more...]

Always Luscious Brandi Mae Akers

Always Gorgeous Always Luscious and In Your Face! Brandi Mae Akers is a MusclePinUps featured model, especially in our hottest girl/girl videos. Famous for her sweet bubble ass, catch her at … [Read more...]

Amber and Denise Rock Your World

Shooting a video for you is so much fun! Sexercise video features Denise stretching Amber and XXX girl/girl fun!  Catch all the action at … [Read more...]

Sex Tank…She’s a sweetheart who loves to play a little rough.

Sex Tank...exclusively at … [Read more...]

Hot Muscle Store on Ebay!!! Get Your DVDs, Mags, Photos Here!

NOW EXCLUSIVELY ON EBAY!!! Go to Seller: hotmusclestore! Denise is selling all her DVDs, Magazines and Autographed Photos exclusively at her hotmusclestore on EBAY. … [Read more...]

Sex and Muscle Takes Center Stage At Arnold’s Expo Today

MEET THE PINUPS AT THE ARNOLD'S CLASSIC 2018 Denise and her MusclePinUps will meet with all their fans in Columbus for the 2018 Arnold's Sports Festival dressed to kill. The event will be loaded with the Hottest Female Athletes, the best … [Read more...]