The Beautiful Women of Muscle PinUps

I have always been amazed by the obvious power of a women’s sex appeal. My appreciation and love for the fit female form, to me, is priceless. For as long as I can remember, I have loved looking at beautiful muscular women. My inspiration to become a photographer was driven by my fascination with these magnificent women. It was in October of 1996, that I decided to teach myself how to operate a camera. I then learned how to capture the passion I had for muscluar women on film through use of a camera lens. I have been photographing ever since. It is a means for me to express my appreciation for the beauty of a muscular woman in a timeless photograph. Today, photography is the outlet I use for my artistic expression with, the camera simply being the tool that provides that means. In my images I try to bring out a model’s inner as well as her outter beauty. I want to reflect her strenght and sensuality. To me, that is the art of photographing these amazing women, each with her own spirit and eroticism. The signature approach to all of my photography is glamour and erotica.

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