No doubt this will be a banner year for Denver’s Marina Lopez. Not only has she graduated into the elite ranks of the I.F.B.B., but she’ll soon be an even hotter commodity : she has recently signed on for two all-nude Muscle PinUps photo shoots in 2011. We asked her why Hispanic women are so damn sexy? “I don’t know,” Marina said, sounding a bit shy. “I can’t speak for all Hispanic women, but for me, it’s a turn-on for me to take my clothes off in front of the camera. It makes me feel sexy, so hopefully I project that. When you’re in front of the camera, you have the chance to be someone else. But I don’t have to be anyone except who I am. I’m not a bit shy. I like the attention.” Chances are Marina’s going to have to deal with a lot more attention, she’s our next Model Spotlight feature. She’s a star on the rise!

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