Muscle Diva Denise Masino and her well-developed friends are no ordinary internet celebrities. Though they meet all the usual criteria – with an eagerness to please in displaying the most intimate of body parts for the amusement of their fans – their most alluring charm is between their strong muscular thighs. To the connoisseur of exotic anatomy, these stretched lips and enlarged clits offer satisfactions sensual and profound. They’re one of a kind – the kinky kind!  KINKY CLITS is about real people, and the real stories that define them sexually. Innovative, mesmerizing and scorching – part documentary, part fantasy – this is pornography of a different style. This DVD is inspired by the beauty of reality. Real Size Queens talking about their luscious clits. A first of its kind for Muscle PinUps Video Productions, KINKY CLITS  delivers candid personal interviews, along with actual hardcore triple XXX scenes; exposing the big- clit phenomenon.

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