Undressed, uninhibited and unbelievably sexy, are only a few of the words used to describe Brooklyn’s Fran Ferraro. We recently tracked her down so that our fans might get to know her a little bit better.

What’s your feeling on men who search for the perfect woman? Let’s just admit right now, that the search for the perfect woman is rediculous. No one person could hit the mark, no two people could agree on the qualifications. A guy on the hunt for the perfect woman is really a guy chasing a lost cause. Guys are always chasing. Men have adolescent fantasies of what the perfect woman should be. If there’s no sex in heaven, would you consider the alternative? Burn baby, burn! What are your thoughts on traditional requirements of beauty? I love muscle on women. It’s living art. I strive to be different. Bodybuilders are unique creatures of nature. The girl next door is boring. Who the hell wants to be boring?Where are you most vulnerable? You know, people who know me have always said the only place I’m vulnerable is in my love life. I’ve always operated from my heart. That’s what inspires me to train, to help my clients, or get up in the morning. It all comes from the love of my family. Anyone who had to describe me would say that. That’s who I am. Therein lies my vulnerability. What sticks out about your shoot? They made me feel so sexy. My alter – ego emerged. I felt empowered. What about the nudity? I loved it, in no way was it a problem. I’d love to see you guys do a website like this for men’s bodybuilding. What do you like most about your body? That’s easy, my legs. I’m very comfortable with myself and my body. I’m proud of what I’ve done with myself. In relationships with men, do you wear the pants? No, it’s 50-50 with me and my men. What bugs you about men? Dishonesty, bad manners, hairy backs and men with bad hygiene turn me right off. So what do you like about men? I have a lot of guy friends. Men are my buddies. I usually relate well to guys. And I love a man’s eyes. Do you think men are scared of muscular women? Yeah, they have to have lots of balls to go up to them. Men have to be very secure to approach me in a nightclub. Do you like going to nightclubs? I party about twice a month with the girls. My outfits leave nothing to the imagination. I’m very vain when I go out, I love to look my very best. Ever go up to a man and introduce yourself? If I really like somebody I just go for it – I’m very outgoing – so I guess the answer would have to be yes!

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