Shoe fetish is the closest thing there is to a commonplace kink. “Regardless of what fashion gurus might dictate, the stiletto heel is here to stay,” says New York fitness babe Mimi Bowman. “The high-heeled shoe is the ultimate icon of erotic femininity,” she says. “So although many other styles of shoe are popular at various points, and come in and out of fashion, the high heel has still basically endured.”  Some guys like their women in lingerie. Some like them just in heels. “There’s a cultural image of women in heels as being kind of dominant,”Bowman explains, “so there is an ambivalence there. And it’s not only men who have these kinds of images; women also will articulate how they feel empowered in high heels. There’s the idea that high heels are part of what makes a woman more aggressive. The quintessential image of that was the film Single White Female, in which Jennifer Jason Leigh kills a guy with a stiletto heel. The very word “stiletto” refers to a kind of knife.” Something about the high heel always manages to transcend fashion and maintain widespread appeal.

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