There are times as a photographer when I almost always insist on things being too complicated. I beat myself up because I would think the simple solution isn’t good enough and that the perfect image is always out of my reach. When you’re in a tight spot (that would be most of the time), remember there’s nothing as sweet and simple as basic human interaction. It trumps everything.

Sometimes, especially when I am just plain out of ideas (not an infrequent condition), I ask my models for help. I’ll pose them a question : “Is there any way you would like to be photographed that you have never been?” At times you receive no answer at all. Other times, believe me, you get suggestions that would be unwise to follow up on. And, occasionally, you get a notion, a simple snippet of an insight that unlocks the door to a successful shoot.

That’s one way of getting your models involved. Another is to make them actors on your stage and have them collaborate, physically, in the success of the shoot. Bodybuilders are like statues, monuments to physical perfection. They are like pieces of sculpture that, just like in a museum, need drama and highlights. Look for light, color and gesture. They’re the holy trinity of photography.

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