What does it say about our society that beautiful Evie LaRosa had to reach 61 (yes, you read it right) before people really took notice?”I look pretty damn good for 61!,” Evie told us following her second Muscle PinUps photo shoot. The woman does not lie. The rock-hard bodybuilding phenom shows off her erotic side in an all new daring Muscle PinUps exclusive. This woman throbs with pure Latin sensuality.

We chatted with the New York City born, Puerto Rican following her recent photo shoot and asked her to tell us something about herself that fans would not normally have guessed about her. Evie’s favorite pastime is dancing the night away with a group of gal pals, but she’d like to let you know that you guys can just back off if you see her out there on the floor. “It’s definitely a double standard,” she says. “I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I like to dance with my girlfriends. We all like to dance together. We’re not going to pick up on guys; we’re just going out and having fun and dancing. And if there’s some guy behind you . . . It’s like,’Whoa!’ you know? ‘You don’t get to just touch me ’cause I have muscles, and I don’t even know your name.’ That’s not how it works.”

We’re sorry, Evie, but these pictures probably aren’t going to help much in keeping guys away.

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