We thought you’d like to see this image of Canada’s own I.F.B.B. Pro, Autumn Raby. Is she hot or what? That’s sexy muscle like we’ve never seen. And as you know, bringing you the very best female muscle is what we’re all about.

Having said that, I cannot stress enough how important it is that the fans of women’s bodybuilding support all of the efforts and products put out by anyone daring enough to make an investment in this special niche. Over the years, and still today, hundreds of uninformed fans have told us that they feel that women’s bodybuilding was being held back by “the powers that be.” The plain and simple fact of the matter is that if the fans do not support the shows by buying tickets, there will be less shows to compete in and the competitions will eventually disappear. Still today as it was ten and fifteen years ago, new shows appear on the scene offering professional women’s bodybuilding categories only to hear of their sudden disappearance. The same holds true with the magazines, DVDs and websites produced specifically for the special interest of these fans. No support will result in less products being placed on the retail market and eventually those products will fade away.  Muscle PinUps is a labor of love for all of us who help produce this family of websites. But without the right kind of support, even this website will have no future.

Looking ahead to 2012, if the shows that have made the decision to include professional women’s bodubuilding do not receive a positive amount of fan support, there will be no sponsorship dollars and show promoters will offer no venue for these amazing women to showcase their talents. No support means no growth which in turn will lead to no presence.

There is a wind of change in the air – that’s right, we’re asking you the fan, to put your money where your mouth is. Now more than ever, women’s bodybuilding needs your support

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