Shooting fetish work with exotic beauty Denise Masino, is definitely fine art fetish photography. Very edgy and oh so erotic.

My favorite subjects are very strong, in-command women. So working on a fetish shoot with Denise Masino couldn’t be more perfect. Unlike some other, more rough-edged fetish photographers my images are more glamorized. I am always looking for the beauty in what and whom I’m shooting. Bodybuilders who can evoke “attitude” are my best subjects (here Denise’s eyes say it all). Bodybuilding and fetish have always walked similar paths; both are subcultures, both involve body modification (in some form) and both take a departure from what society deems as “normal” it’s no wonder female bodybuilders make wonderful fetish models. They’ve always been a perfect fit.

Visit Denise’s website now and view the entire gallery from this unique and erotic photo shoot at

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