Get ready for the obsessive, fascinating, sometimes scary world of hardcore Muscle Lust.

I have chosen the human form, and in particular, that of the female muscular nude, as the common thread throughout most of my photographic work. My choice of techniques, of different lighting and angles is constantly changing. And as a work in progress, I feel it appropriate that I not only choose a common denominator as a theme throughout, but also one that interests me personally, as has, and suppose always will have, a strong emotional bond with the viewer. The challenge to me is, how do I make my images unique, but also, how do I compensate for, or effectively rival, the very eroticism of my subject. The end result should not just be that of titillation, but a statement of high art. A statement that I hope is, visually speaking, concise, and will be heard for a long time after I’m gone.

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