It’s the bodybuilding and fitness event of the year, and it’s all happening at the Arnold’s Sprots Festival Weekend, March 1st – 4th at the Columbus Convention Center, Columbus Ohio. Be sure to stop by booth #1261 and say hello to Denise and her “gang” of beautiful international bodybuilding and fitness stars.

“Generally speaking we’re here to gain support and exposure with the fans, so that in turn they’ll ask for our DVD’s, and join our websites. But our main objective isn’t the sales, it’s meeting the fans,” said an excited Denise Masino.

“One of the greatest things about this event,” said Top-Rated Muscle PinUps model, Wanda Moore, “is that you talk to so many people on the phone and via e-mail, and here you finally get to put a “kiss” on a face and say “thanks!”

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