Someone once remarked that Southern women are born to flirt, and it’s absolutely true. They know how to charm the pants off a man. They know how to zero in and make a man feel like he’s the center of the universe. And it works, because you’ll see those guys just puff up. Southern women couldn’t be more gracious, they couldn’t bat those eyes any faster. It’s an art. There’s not a Southern woman I’ve met who’s not incredibly charming, incredibly gracious and incredibly focused on a guy if she wants to be. Sex is sort of like the immaculate sport in the south. Nobody talks about it. You can just smell it everywhere. It’s a cultural way of relating. When we asked Kim about her shooting experience working with Muscle PinUps, she had this to say. “I’m a real country girl,” insists Kim. “I’m very close to my family.” And was this small town girl comfortable posing for Muscle PinUps? “Actually, I’ve always been kind of a nudist. My mom told me that when I was little it was hard to keep clothes on me. I’m comfortable with my body, and with nudity. Modeling and posing was tough, but being nude wasn’t.”

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