Denise Masino is by far the coolest, sexiest, and hard working model/actress/athlete/business woman on the Internet today. A bold statement, yes, but until you visit, you have no idea. Her website is without question a marvelous and explicitly chic expose’ of her work past, present, and future.

The intriguing Masino has appeared in magazines, calendars, catalogues, and on the highest stage (Ms. Olympia) in international bodybuilding competitions; has performed wild acts of fetishism on (and off) camera; and is even listed on as having starred in and produced her very own Indie film Blood and Kisses (she played the cool, powerful, seductive, insatiable, centuries old vampire with a master plan to create a new race of super vampires, in case you’re unapprised of such cinematic matters).

There’s something wonderfully fantastical about her site; all the different costumes, characters, and visual styles make for an adventurous outing. Denise skips easily from a cutesy hot workout babe to the dark and mysterious muscle dominatrix with sexy and confident aplomb. She is sexy and exotic, she is dangerous and tender, she is metropolitan and girl-next-door; Denise is whomever and whatever you desire. Enjoy the ride.

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