Performing in Adult Muscle Porn is a profession surrounded in controversy and misunderstanding, and is quite possibly the highest form of erotic art. Within this industry are women who love to excel in these erotic arts of passion, to take sex towards the pinnacle of erotica by performing explicit sexual acts specifically created for the consumption of their loyal followers. Such performances can drive their fans into fantastic journeys of sexual fantasy.

Denise Masino has proved to be such a woman and much more. She’s managed to succeed in an industry known for chewing up and spitting out most who enter it, and she has thrived, from humble beginnings as a young modern – arts dancer in her native Brooklyn to becoming a world – class bodybuilder to publishing her own adult newsstand magazine to starring in and producing her first feature film. As if living life as a successful adult star isn’t enough, Denise Masino holds down the executive position (the boss) in a multi – media company (Image Makers International, Inc.) Denise is an erotic artist, one of the all – time best, and with DVD’s and the internet as an outlet, her signature – muscular body is her brush, if you will, and together with those she performs with, they create incredibly hot and heavy imagery that brings pleasure to thousands of fans of her particular form of erotic art.

Log on to this Blog tomorrow for part one of this two – part feature into the private life of the multi – talented Denise Masino.

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