It takes a lot of woman to be larger than life – but that’s Denise Masino.

Her images have redefined the way society views muscular women, and she has created an entertainment company that has developed and grown within the rapid fire what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world of internet porn. Her secret? “Hard work and lots of it,” says Denise. “I’m the poster child, I’ve got to lead by example it doesn’t matter if I’m in front of the camera or directing models from behind the camera, the work has got to always be new and innovative. You can’t get  too comfortable ’cause in this business someone’s always looking to knock you off the hill.”

 During a break between sets on a September photo shoot in Las Vegas I asked for a fifteen minute interview to which she quickly snapped back, ‘You’ve got five!’  I imagined that by now fans might be curious to know who your heros are? “I idolize no one. I appreciate anyone who is motivated to be the best they can be. That applies to life in general,” she said.

You can see much more of Denise throughout her megasite  It can literally take you weeks to take in the tens of thousands of images as well as the thousands of videos organized in galleries for your viewing pleasure.

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