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Gayle Moher

Here’s a quick crash course on Gayle Moher: She’s one of female bodybuilding’s most popular stars. Her credits include a National Championship trophy, an overall win at the Jan Tana Pro Women’s Open Championships and a top 5 placing at the Ms. … [Read more...]

Desiree Ellis

With exotic looks, a spunky personality and a refreshing open attitude about sexuality, this Ms. Olympia competitor is among the most exciting bodybuilders competing today. On her girl/girl scenes, she says, “I find the female physique to be very … [Read more...]

Denise Masino

Out on her own since the age of 16, Denise has HAS carved out a successful modeling and video career through sheer will and a "spunky, independent spirit." The experience left her able to "handle any situation, good or bad, and with the satisfaction … [Read more...]

Muscle Pinups to go live

The new Muscle website is set to go live by the end of July. The site has a huge video library and over 500,000 images devoted to show casing the most beautiful erotic female bodybuilders and muscle women from around the world. Stay tuned … [Read more...]

Bad Girls of Bodybuilding 3 is released!

Muscle Elegance Productions releases the new Bad Girls of Bodybuilding 3 DVD this week. Sexy female muscle, featuring the hottest new female bodybuilders in gorgeous erotic action. This dvd introduces Lisa Cross and Wanda Moore to the Muscle Elegance … [Read more...]

Slow metabolism

A lot of  people mistakenly think that they can't change their metabolic rate and that if they have always had a slow metabolism that they are doomed to living a life in the slow lane. The truth is, that your metabolic rate is dictated at least in … [Read more...]

Training for bigger muscles

When you want to put on size, training each muscle group once a week is the ideal way to train. By working each muscle group once a day, you are able to devote the sort of high impact, hard-core training that's needed to develop more size. Consuming … [Read more...]

High on fitness

Working out doesn't have to be hard or boring says Denise. "I personally love doing my fat burning in the great outdoors and when I need a get away, I try to take my vacations in areas that will allow me to hike or walk while I explore some of the … [Read more...]

Autumn Raby

Autumn is a red-hot star in Canada's gentleman's clubs and on the worldwide web. But, as she indulges her passion for building big, strong muscles, she's expressing her true nature and she's soaring to an exciting (and sexy!) new level. This muscle … [Read more...]

Angelo Salvagno

Angela scored first place at the 2009 USA Light Heavyweights and Overall Champion to get her pro card. Now those are her competition stats that put her in an elite status of major muscle super babes, but this doesn’t begin to describe how she can … [Read more...]