Desiree Ellis

With exotic looks, a spunky personality and a refreshing open attitude about sexuality, this Ms. Olympia competitor is among the most exciting bodybuilders competing today. On her girl/girl scenes, she says, “I find the female physique to be very sexy and sensual. I prefer to do it in a threesome. But I like the soft breasts, the skin, everything. The first time I went down on a woman, I was struck by how nice and soft it is down there. I think almost everyone has a fantasy of what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex, even though men will never admit it.” Famous Quote: “I walk around the house nude all the time. I hate underwear. I’ll wear it if I have to, otherwise, it’s au natural! To learn all about this dark diva, read our interviews with her.

Date of Birth: April 15th
Place of Birth: London, England
Lives Now: Vancouver, Canada
Color of Eyes: Brown
Thighs: 25 ½”
Measurements: 38 – 28 – 36
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 134
Contest, 150 Off Season
Bicep Size: 15 ½”
Chest: 38
Hair Color: Brown
Greatest Bodybuilding moment: Canadian National Championships
Favorite Movie: Matrix
Favorite Car: Lincoln Navigator
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Sex Toy: The Rabbit

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