Archives for May 2011

Your Next Crush…Nathalia

Yes, she looks familiar, but she's actually new to the figure competition curcuit.  She is magnificently beautiful and an ABSOLUTE HOTTIE by anyone's standards. We thought we would give you a sneak peak of Nathalia Pavlova - a Muscle Pin Ups … [Read more...]

Lisa, Lisa…Is She In The Running?

We must not forget that Lisa Cross is vying for top honors in the kinky clit competition. Lovely Lisa a “Brit of all trades.“ Visiting our studios all the way from the U.K., Lisa has a little bit of everything - like speaking 7 languages. She says, … [Read more...]

Then There’s Kim Birtch…

You haven't forgotten about our kinky clit challenge, have you?  As you can see from the bulge in her panties, Kim Birtch begs to be considered top bitch.  We've admired her massive clit for years now, and after much anticipation, she finally reveals … [Read more...]

Joanna Thomas Topless

The beautiful Joanna Thomas poses topless with the kind of big muscle that her fans can't get enough of.  Away from the female bodybuilding competition scene, Joanna Thomas still intrigues us and has left us panting for more.  We heard she might be … [Read more...]

Robert Masino’s Erotic Photography

Robert Masino has spent the last 15 years directing his camera at the very special subject of beatiful female muscle.  He has captured thousands of iconic images to share his passion of powerful women with the legions of devoted fans of erotic muscle … [Read more...]

New Bodybuilding Pro, Melody Spetko

New pro Melody Spetko puts herself in the running as the most well endowed star of women's bodybuilding, in Kinky Clits 3: When Too Much Is Not Enough.  Quick facts on this Canadian muscle queen:  You can easily spot her at all of the major events … [Read more...]

Beautiful Challenger, BrandiMae Akers

A relative newcomer to the female bodybuilding curcuit, Brandi Mae Akers is making her debut in Kinky Clits 3: When Too Much Is Not Enough, just to figure out how she measures up.  With beauty, brains and plenty of muscle - not to mention her … [Read more...]

Next Up, Melissa Dettwiller

Heavenly body Melissa Dettwiller, female bodybuilding's ultimate Muscle Pin Up girl, already ranks high among the "too-big-to-be-real" fantasy clits.  She's big, she's pierced and she satisfies.  Check out Melissa's model page to glimpse at her … [Read more...]

First Up, Sweet Angie Salvagno

Is Angie's yummy pink clit your favorite?  Her panty bulge may give it away, but it certainly warrants closer inspection.  Her model page will supply many more XXX hot shots for you to ponder; then there's always her starring role in Kinky Clits The … [Read more...]

Every Diva Has Her Day

We confess our preference for winner of the battle of the clits - our own favorite Denise Masino, top bodybuilder, top model, and all around sexiest woman on the planet.  Even though we want to encourage a fair fight, you guys are really going to … [Read more...]