Lisa, Lisa…Is She In The Running?

We must not forget that Lisa Cross is vying for top honors in the kinky clit competition. Lovely Lisa a “Brit of all trades.“ Visiting our studios all the way from the U.K., Lisa has a little bit of everything – like speaking 7 languages. She says, “I’m the same way sexually,
I love it all and I do a little bit of everything. She is the newest, hottest bodybuilder to grace our pages and our videos and she is sure to become a sensational hit with our members.
Height:  5’6″
Bicep:  15″
Chest:  41″
Weight”  160
Check out her MusclePinUps Model Page for more pics and, of course, get the best look of that sweet pussy in Kinky Clits 3. You can also catch her in that most-talked about crushing scene in Muscle Kink.

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