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     No doubt this will be a banner year for Denver's Marina Lopez. Not only has she graduated into the elite ranks of the I.F.B.B., but she'll soon be an even hotter commodity : she has recently signed on for two all-nude Muscle PinUps photo shoots … [Read more...]


     Muscle Diva Denise Masino and her well-developed friends are no ordinary internet celebrities. Though they meet all the usual criteria - with an eagerness to please in displaying the most intimate of body parts for the amusement of their fans - … [Read more...]

Melissa’s Muscle Fetish

    Ultra kinky Melissa Dettwiller proves that blondes can have luscious, hard-round bubble butts too! Watch as she ass-bangs herself with the ultimate porn stud replacement - an electronic self-controlled Fucking Machine. Just plug one end into the … [Read more...]


       At home when I'm all alone, I'll sometimes stand in front of a mirror and put on a show for myself. Then I retire to my bed and let my hands explore my body. It's the best way for a women to learn what she really likes. I like to be open to … [Read more...]


     I always tell myself, (and I really try and hammer the point home) that I am not going to be in the room when people look at my images.  The image has to speak for itself. No matter what my experience of that day, no matter what I went through … [Read more...]

Think Like A Comic Book

       Size is a tough thing to show in a photo, believe it or not.  When I saw the early morning summer sun popping over this hill in Nevada's Valley of Fire and Denise was already dressed and finished with her hair and makeup, I grabbed a 300mm … [Read more...]

Packing a Punch!

              You might be able to tell from this photo that Milinda Richardson is a knockout. Our luscious dirty-blonde Model Spotlight is a real Southern belle (born in beautiful Key West, Florida) who loves to spend time with her kitty Flex and … [Read more...]

A Little of This, A Little of That : For Lovers of Hard Women

    It's all about things erotic, isn't it?  That IS why you have your mouse in your hand. Right? That irritable tinge of curiosity to zap your mental G-spot. That deep down desire to have your primal urges tickled, tantalized, and savagely aroused. … [Read more...]

Amber Steel : Speaking Her Mind

       My work as a bodybuilder has landed me many modeling assignments. I've worked with some of the best photographers in the business, have starred in many sizzling-hot DVDs, and have been featured on a number of high-profile websites. I'm really … [Read more...]

It’s All About The Muscle

Watch muscular British sensation Lisa Cross in her bare naked crushing show from our newest release. They grow 'em big, strong and beautiful over there and they turn every workout into a muscle kink fantasy.  Check out the juice dripping off her … [Read more...]