A Little of This, A Little of That : For Lovers of Hard Women

    It’s all about things erotic, isn’t it?  That IS why you have your mouse in your hand. Right? That irritable tinge of curiosity to zap your mental G-spot. That deep down desire to have your primal urges tickled, tantalized, and savagely aroused. Outward eroticism is everywhere you look. Erotica, in its many forms, is probably one of the only things in your life that makes you feel really good inside, aside from any spiritual preferences. If you’re really hip, you have combined your trips into a sort of tantric free-for-all. Let’s be real. What turns you on doesn’t turn on the next person, and half the people out there won’t admit what really turns them on anyway. Some people worship big clits; in fact there are those who’d love nothing better than to masturbate to long, soft, pink, protruding pussy lips. It ain’t for everyone – but hey, if it floats their boat – then what the hell. Or are you of the opinion that your turn-ons are the correct turn-ons, and everyone else is a freak? Hey, ever notice how much B&D and S&M is satirized on prime time television? The funniest thing is that they tend to get it dead-on correct most of the time! Now, how do you imagine that happens? So where exactly do you draw the line, and why do you need to draw a line? What is way over the line for some doesn’t even reach the red-line on the horny chart for others. Hell, some guys pound their pud to women’s lingerie ads! At least, uh, someone told me that’s the word on the street.You might have noticed that we’ve greased the wheels of our new website and kicked it up a few gears for a bit of a wilder ride. What we’re doing is simply providing a place to showcase a more diverse selection of erotic muscle art, from the romantically exotic, the super kinky and voyeuristic, to the fetish arts and as much in between as we can squeeze. Hopefully, there’s something for everybody, and if muscular women is not your bag, I hope you’re strong enough to exhibit the integrity to respect other’s preferences as you’d like to have yours respected. If you feel that your erotic desires are not represented, feel free to write me in care of this Blog, and if it’s legal and doesn’t give my partners an aneurysm, then I’ll do my best to include them in some of my upcoming shoots.

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