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Dripping Wet – Scuba Shoot with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino

Go on-location with superstar Denise Masino, beautiful fitness diva Mandy Blank and blonde muscular amazon Christi Wolf as they work a sunrise photo shoot on one of the most beautiful beaches in America. This is one of only a handful of nude scenes … [Read more...]

Dripping Wet – Natural Wonders with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino

Three beautiful fit babes : I.F.B.B. Pros Denise Masino and Christi Wolf and I.F.B.B. Fitness Pro Mandy Blank pose and strut their naked stuff for you on one of the most beautiful beach shoots ever filmed. Think sand surf and driftwood with three … [Read more...]

Dripping Wet – Three The Hard Way with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino

  Dressed in military gear from head to toes our three beautiful babes, Denise Masino, Christi Wolf, and Mandy Blank demonstrate their athleticism and beauty with guns knives and machetes. One look at these soldiers and you'll want to bring … [Read more...]

Denise Masino Raw – Denise in CREAM XXX Video

Denise Masino creams herself and soaks the bathroom floor when she gushes after pussy-fucking herself with a 9” dildo. Beautifully filmed with soft lighting and tight close-up angles of Denise's big swollen milk-drenched pussy, you'll feel every inch … [Read more...]

Denise Masino Raw – Denise in What Kind of Cocks Do I Like

Exotic Muscle Diva Denise Masino discusses what she loves most about cocks and answers the age old question, "Does Size Matter?" Beautifully dressed and lounging on a couch in a Las Vegas penthouse suite, she offers this advice for guys with small … [Read more...]

Denise Masino Raw – Hot Mustang XXX Video

  A desert sunset and a hot Mustang make Denise Masino so horny she stuffs a massive dildo in her sweet cunt and gets it on in the great outdoors. Packed with plenty of hot muscle pinup and tight pussy action! You won't believe how much of … [Read more...]

Island Heat – Three Naked Muscle Babes on the Beach – Mimi, Peggy and Christy

It begins with Mimi strutting her sweet bare ass down the beach and end with Christy exposing her pierced clit.  Three outstanding hardbodies - Christy Cory, Mimi Bowman and Peggy Schoolcraft.  In between Peggy Schoolcraft wows you with nude muscle … [Read more...]

Lift Up My Skirt – Denise Masino

Denise's big juicy clit takes center stage in this unrehearsed scene of girlish-teasing, peeing and clit arousal. Fans of big swollen clits will love this type of shooting as Denise plays for the camera on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the grounds of … [Read more...]

Dirty Wet Muscle – Hunter Morgan

Beautiful Hunter Morgan is new to the world of muscle erotica, but she likes to get down and dirty - so she's inviting you to shower with her. Watch as she uses the hand-held water massage to gently bath and caress her beautiful pussy. She's all wet … [Read more...]

Lisa Cross and Her Dildo in Muscle Park

Lisa's Muscles are pumped and popping against her purple bikini. Watch her flex each muscle and play with a purple dildo in the park. Gorgeous Lisa Cross returns for a romp in the park as she plays with her favorite dildo, yes, outdoors! You'll ask … [Read more...]