Dripping Wet – Scuba Shoot with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino

Go on-location with superstar Denise Masino, beautiful fitness diva Mandy Blank and blonde muscular amazon Christi Wolf as they work a sunrise photo shoot on one of the most beautiful beaches in America. This is one of only a handful of nude scenes … [Read more...]

Dripping Wet – Natural Wonders with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino

Three beautiful fit babes : I.F.B.B. Pros Denise Masino and Christi Wolf and I.F.B.B. Fitness Pro Mandy Blank pose and strut their naked stuff for you on one of the most beautiful beach shoots ever filmed. Think sand surf and driftwood with three … [Read more...]

Dripping Wet – Three The Hard Way with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino

  Dressed in military gear from head to toes our three beautiful babes, Denise Masino, Christi Wolf, and Mandy Blank demonstrate their athleticism and beauty with guns knives and machetes. One look at these soldiers and you'll want to bring … [Read more...]


 She rose to the top of the fitness world almost overnight. Beautiful Mandy Blank ranks alongside the most legendary of hottest fitness pros to ever nail a summersault. Our recent facebook post featuring this now retired I.F.B.B. Fitness Pro  sent … [Read more...]


 Muscle PinUps' Women in Uniform . . . Don't you just love a woman in uniform? These uniforms were never meant to contain these sexy muscular curves. If you'd like to see these two former National Champions Christi Wolf and Mandy Blank get … [Read more...]