Sexy Milinda Richardson - Aube doesn't pull any punches - wether she's training in the gym or speaking her mind on facebook. The recently married blonde bombshell has a new ultra - hot photo gallery and a new video for your viewing pleasure … [Read more...]

Dream of Jeannie

We spent the day shooting Jeannie Paparone and now all we can do is Dream of more of this gorgeous female bodybuilder. Stay tuned for Jeannie's upcoming Muscle Pinups photo and video post. … [Read more...]


     Lisa Cross, British Bodybuilding Champion and model grew up wanting to do a number of things such as teaching, writing and working in law enforcement. After a seven-year career as a police officer she entered the competitive world of women's … [Read more...]


     Beautiful Milinda Richardson is our overwhelming choice for Model Spotlight. As the image to the left proves, the 30-year-old blonde's brash and sassy star shines brighter than ever. It's no wonder she stole our hearts . . . and never gave them … [Read more...]


       At home when I'm all alone, I'll sometimes stand in front of a mirror and put on a show for myself. Then I retire to my bed and let my hands explore my body. It's the best way for a women to learn what she really likes. I like to be open to … [Read more...]

Packing a Punch!

              You might be able to tell from this photo that Milinda Richardson is a knockout. Our luscious dirty-blonde Model Spotlight is a real Southern belle (born in beautiful Key West, Florida) who loves to spend time with her kitty Flex and … [Read more...]

It’s All About The Muscle

Watch muscular British sensation Lisa Cross in her bare naked crushing show from our newest release. They grow 'em big, strong and beautiful over there and they turn every workout into a muscle kink fantasy.  Check out the juice dripping off her … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Women of Muscle PinUps

I have always been amazed by the obvious power of a women’s sex appeal. My appreciation and love for the fit female form, to me, is priceless. For as long as I can remember, I have loved looking at beautiful muscular women. My inspiration to become a … [Read more...]

Pinning Her Down : Andrea Giacomi

For many men, few things in life are as frightening as a woman who can kick their ass. But for others, few things are more thrilling. Modern-day Amazons with thighs of steel and bad attitudes are making big bucks for forging a new line of work in … [Read more...]

Here’s a quick Q & A from BrandiMae

Here's a quick Q & A from the gorgeous Brandi Mae: Where were you born? Dallas, Texas. Where do you live now? Las Vegas, Nevada. Birthdate? April 23rd. Your measurements? 36D-27-37 with 23" thighs. What is your website? What's … [Read more...]