Pinning Her Down : Andrea Giacomi

For many men, few things in life are as frightening as a woman who can kick their ass. But for others, few things are more thrilling. Modern-day Amazons with thighs of steel and bad attitudes are making big bucks for forging a new line of work in ultimate humiliation. Not with a collar and riding crop. We’re talking about the world’s roughest, toughest, strongest – and in some cases, most beautiful – women, babes whose only tools of trade are striated pecs, washboard abs and the ability to bring men to their knees. Private wrestling is big business.

We pinned down Andrea Giacomi between sets of her Muscle Pin Up photo shoot to discover what it’s like to have a job which allows you to inflict loads of excruciating pain on the opposite sex. Born and raised in Visalia, CA, Andrea leisurely answers my questions with a calm, soothing voice, typically Cali-like, i.e., with no discernable accent whatsoever. Yet unlike your typical Californian, the 5’8″, 180 lbs. Giacomi who has been lifting weights for over 17 years says, “I’ve always been competitive. I hate losing at anything. I’m a very muscular woman with a body that people will pay a lot of money to see and touch. Where else can they get what I offer?”

Because fan culture is centered on admiring female strength, the visual appeal of bodybuilders makes them the most popular choice for one-on-one wrestling. “As a girl, I was skinny but loved sports. Cory Everson was my idol. I’d never seen a woman look that strong before and she inspired me to lift weights. I love being muscular. You’d be surprised how many men like it,” says Andrea. “When I first started I just had a few regular guys, but since I’ve gone on the web, the requests have not stopped. There tend to be two types of men who contact me,” says Andrea laughing, “the first is the geek who wants to be abused by a strong, beautiful woman. But I also get quite a lot of the second type, strong, muscular guys who are into weights and appreciate what it takes to get a body like mine and want a challenge.

Experienced in grappling as well as in the martial arts, this 35 year old prefers more fantasy-style wrestling where the man willingly goes into a hold then is slowly forced to submit. He does so by “tapping out” but some refuse to do so and take it all the way to unconsciousness. Andrea is more than capable of turning up the heat if a client chooses. “I do a little bit of everything, fun wrestling, lift and carry and cradle lifts,” says Andrea proudly.

Most guys force her to sweat for her money, but serious wrestling is relatively rare. “Most men like to feel the weight of my body on theirs. They like to be pinned down and unable to move. A very popular request is to be put in a headlock between my thighs. My legs are very powerful and, once someone is scissored, there’s nothing they can do.”

So, with all this lifting and carrying and scissor-holds and emailing, does Andrea ever just kick back and relax? You know, take it easy. Wind down. Put the work away and reserve some time for something other than, well, kicking some poor guy’s ass. “When I’m not working,” she proudly states with a smile, “I love to cook gourmet style. I can cook pretty much anything because I taught myself so many different recipes over the years. For instance, one of my breakfast specialties is steak and eggs benedict. For lunch, I do these fantastic mixed salads loaded with all kinds of surprises. And for dinner, I make great Italian food, although I’m really into desserts right now. I mean, I do a cheesecake that’s simply amazing!”



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