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The much anticipated sequel to Image Makers Video Productions winner for highest sales in a DVD release is here . . . and it ups the ante!   Gorgeous adult Muscle Diva Denise Masino teams up with bombshell Melissa Dettwiller and … [Read more...]

Xtreme Workout Divas – Sc 4 – Silvia Nude Workout Hump

  Rep after rep, Silvia’s biceps just get more and more pumped. Bulging biceps, fat veins and a wet horny pussy make this beautiful bodybuilder a man killer. Silvia is in amazing physical condition, she's ripped and shredded. She has … [Read more...]


    SOME FANTASIES JUST DON'T WORK ANYWHERE ELSE!   There's no better way to get your hard drive spinning than by overloading it with's hardbodies. For nearly two decades, our online webzine has featured … [Read more...]


  For nearly two decades Denise Masino has been a favorite not only for the exceptionally pleasing aesthetics of her web site, but also for the enormous amount of erotically exquisite  content found no where else.   This coming … [Read more...]

Xtreme Workout Divas 3 – Sc 5 – Nadia Nardi Nude

Nadia Nardi turns a killer bicep workout into your hot gym fantasy.  The beautiful bodybuilder-next-door pumping her biceps on the next bench over suddenly turns her attention to her beautiful clit and rubs it raw.  You see it all in special close … [Read more...]

Raw 3 – Sc 12 – Denise Masino in Bonus Interviews and Bonus X-Rated Photo Shoot

Additional interviews in this bonus coverage of Denise as she discusses "Why I love being a cock tease," and "How good it feels to be in control." Also, a behind the scenes glimpse of Denise's X-rated sunrise photo shoot in front of a Mexican … [Read more...]

Working Women: Muscles With Attitude – Sc 5 – Colette Guimond

Sexy and Massive Colette Guimond creates some "gym heat" as she works her huge biceps. She pumps them up for you and poses her sexy hard body in the nude. Colette possesses one of the best pair of biceps on the planet. This is MUST-SEE viewing for … [Read more...]

Muscle Girl Goes For A Ride – Denise Masino Muscle Porn

  Beautiful Muscle Diva Denise Masino drives her car to an isolated forest and removes her clothes to pose and flex her hard muscular body. Knowing that someone's watching (you) she gets turned on and her already big swollen clit gets even … [Read more...]

Emery Miller Naked Female Muscle Cowgirl

She's a country girl with muscle and she loves to show off her down home charm. Tiny shorts and a shredded tank top dont last long on her bulging hard muscles. Emery Miller flexes and poses and pec dances,and eventually rips ever stitch of clothing … [Read more...]

BrandiMae Akers Muscle Girl Bathroom Flexing

BrandiMae invites you into the bathroom for a private viewing of her hard, girl muscles. She likes to show off her hard muscle ass, big biceps, super broad back and her pussy too! For more exclusive pics and video of the hot, hot BrandiMae, go to … [Read more...]