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Mimi’s All Work and All Play

Work is work, but it doesn't always have to be serious. Mimi always finds a way to make work fun using her killer body.  Go to MusclePinUps.com to see all her videos and images exclusively. … [Read more...]

Industrial Strength Tina Marie

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Dirty Diva Laura Brings Big Muscle And Sex

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Amber and Denise Rock Your World

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Sex Tank…She’s a sweetheart who loves to play a little rough.

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Tia Lee loves to create. She expresses her artistic talent through projects ranging from oil paintings to sewing her own clothes to backyard bricklaying. But her greatest creative achievement is herself. Tia was in her early 40's when she began … [Read more...]


Oh-so-hot Anne Marie Via was bustin' out during last weeks photo shoot and HD video production in Fort Myers, Florida. The nationally-ranked Maryland bodybuilder looked big and beautiful during her time shooting with us following her eight-place … [Read more...]


Evie LaRosa had just completed her Muscle PinUps photo shoot and HD video production (Saturday, 12 July) when I asked the gorgeous Puerto Rican hottie how she felt? "How do I look? She laughingly snapped back." Well, you look as hot as ever. What can … [Read more...]