Southern California bombshell Tia Lee.

Southern California bombshell Tia Lee.

Tia Lee loves to create. She expresses her artistic talent through projects ranging from oil paintings to sewing her own clothes to backyard bricklaying. But her greatest creative achievement is herself. Tia was in her early 40’s when she began pumping iron with a purpose. the discipline and strength she developed empowered her to break loose from the personal inhibitions and negative body image that had shackled her as long as she could remember. Today, at 63 years of age, Tia Lee is the personification of personal liberation – a towering example (and not just because she’s six feet tall) of life’s limitless possibilities. Tia, women half your age must look at you and turn green with envy. You’ve got to be proud of the hard work you’ve put into your physique.That’s why I wanted to pose for Muscle PinUps. When I saw the website and saw how incredible the images looked I thought, “If they’re asking me to be in this and they think I can look that good, then I want to do it!” Because I’m proud of how I look and this is an opportunity to highlight the best that I am. ”


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