Evie LaRosaEvie LaRosa had just completed her Muscle PinUps photo shoot and HD video production (Saturday, 12 July) when I asked the gorgeous Puerto Rican hottie how she felt? “How do I look? She laughingly snapped back.” Well, you look as hot as ever. What can a guy say who just finished shooting possibly the hottest 64-year-old woman on the planet. I mean really. “I am wiped out,” she said. “Totally drained, you put me in to some tough positions and poses and I’m still getting comfortable using a big toy, even if it is the Rabbit.”

Evie has taken this entire erotic modeling experience as she has taken her bodybuilding; as an experience. She’s taken baby steps with the entire process and allowed herself to feel her comfort levels and as she like to say, “feel my way into the deep end of the pool.”

Saturday’s shoot has indeed taken Evie into the deep end of the pool in terms of erotica. She uses her favorite toy and brings herself to several massive orgasms. This will be an HD video that fans of Evie LaRosa will go gaga over. A must see for those who crave the fantasy of being with a beautiful muscular sexy older woman.

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