Forever young, Evie LaRosa is standing in front of my camera and I’m looking at her with utter amazement and I say to myself, ‘Can the woman really be 64?’ I decided to stop the shoot for a quick moment and ask the perfectly tanned and muscular Evie if she remembers her first shoot with us. “It was perfect timing when you guys approached me about the idea of doing a photo shoot for Muscle PinUps,” she said. “I hadn’t done nude photography before and I recall you guys telling me that I would really like the results and I liked the way in which the proposed shoot was described. So, after thinking it over (which didn’t take all of eleven seconds, I agreed.” Turns out, for Evie LaRosa the decision was an important one, and one which would result in a far more liberating level than she ever imagined.

“I decided to do the photos for Muscle PinUps to create a level of empowerment for myself,” reveals Evie. “The original experience gave me a feeling of inner beauty as well as the obvious exterior motivation. It helped me feel confident at my age (at the time of Evie’s original shoot she was almost 61 years old!).

LaRosa’s maturity also played a large part in the decision making process, and it is this level of maturity that enables her to cast an aura of – for lack of a better term – elegance, in her images. “There’s no doubt about it,” laughs Evie. “Modeling, especially nude modeling, adds up to life’s adventures.” (More laughs.)

It’s December 13th, and it’s Friday, and Evie is in a rather frisky mood tonight as we continue her shoot.

Preview image of Evie LaRosa's photo shoot/HD video. It's Friday the 13th - Evie decided to get a little frisky!

Preview image of Evie LaRosa’s photo shoot/HD video. It’s Friday the 13th – Evie decided to get a little frisky!

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