Evie LaRosa : Still going strong at 63!

Evie LaRosa : Still going strong at 63!

At 63, Evie LaRosa is still going strong, creating plenty of new and exciting content and showing the world (and her growing legion of fans) that it’s possible to age gracefully and beautifully. As she plays to the camera during a recent Muscle PinUps photo shoot, Evie exudes charisma and sexuality. Her gaze is downright intoxicating. “I love working with Muscle PinUps because they allow me to perform and to be sexual on my own terms, and this allows me continuing contact with my fans,” she says. Evie has been voted Top Rated Model once again by the Muscle PinUps fans, click over to www.MusclePinUps.com and see more of Evie, with even less on!

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