In a time where sexy is often defined by gum-snapping teen honeys in halter tops, this 62-year-old fitness phenom brings an imposing, grown-up smolder to the scene.

Today, in her early 60s, Evie is still a supervixen, a head turner. Her body has changed significantly since her introduction to bodybuilding at the ripe young age of 57 and continues to develop with each workout.

“At my age, I’m allowed to let my attitude hang out a little bit,” says Evie. (Laughing) “I’ve been there, done that, bodybuilding is my newest challenge, and I love it.” Evie is icy cool at times, and simmeringly sultry at others. But when the tempo of a photo shoot turns up, Evie heats up and there’s a latin supervixen up there in front of the camera that’s just as powerful and alluring as any model half her age – shit, can she really be 62-years-old?

Evie’s Lake Mead photo shoot will be appearing exclusively on MusclePinUps.com at the end of January. Keep watching this Blog for details.

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