During her last appearance on MusclePinUps.com, Evie LaRosa was voted most popular by her admiring fans for nine solid weeks.  “I’m not a classic beauty,” she says. “And I’m not tall, not a blonde and skinny with big boobs. But I certainly turn heads. I think it’s great to show different types of bodies and female ideals. I wish women were more comfortable with their bodies. Plus, throwing a little spice into the mix is always a good thing.”

During a break from this weeks photo and video production, we asked the 62-year -old about her training and her plans to travel to Miami Beach and take in her first Nationals. “I can’t wait, watching these high-level women on stage and around the venue is going to motivate the living hell out of me,” she told us. “And I’m stoked to do a photo shoot in Miami’s Art Deco District, I simply cannot believe what bodybuilding has done for me so far.”

And on the subject of, well, “women of age” we asked her to describe the feeling she gets in dealing with her newly formed legion of internet fans, “I’m simply out to prove that “older” women can be sexy and beautiful as well as athletic and muscular. The fans love it! I get stopped by as many women as I do men. It’s the best of both worlds.”

You can view this steamy hot photo shoot and HD video exclusively at MusclePinUps.com Watch this Blog for our announcement of Evie’s latest photo gallery and HD video.


  1. Evie LaRosa-are you kidding me. 62 yrs. young…Amazing, Unbelievable, Sensational, Extraordinary, Outstanding and any other hot, hot adjective you can think of to describe this muy, muy, muy caliente Latin bombshell.
    If I had a woman like this waiting for me at home every night I’d be in a real, real hurry to get there. And another thing. I know it’s not right to ask a woman her age but since Ms. LaRosa admits to 62 I want to see her birth certificate…
    I know I speak for thousands of other men out there screaming; ‘give us more Evie LaRosa. Just phenomenal. Running out of superlatives…You Go Girl…..

  2. Robert Masino says:

    Thanak you Paul, for your recent comments regarding the beautiful Evie LaRosa. Evie’s one of a kind as she’s come a very long way in such a short amount of time (training for only four years) her on-camera presence is unbelievable condisering she’s never modeled prior to working with us. And we’re very happy to have her as an exclusive Muscle PinUps model. You can easily contact her direct via her facebook page. And be sure to check out her recent full-nude photo set shot against the backdrop of Nevada’s breathtaking Lake Mead.

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