Evie LaRosa is a woman who in just three short years has sculpted her 61 – year -old body into a sinewy inspirational work of art, so we asked her to talk about and teach us how to get a flat abdominal area like hers.

“There are three simple things to remember : Increase your abdominal exercises to strengthen the muscles in the midsection, increase your cardiovascular activity so you shed excess body fat and can see your new abs, and consume fewer calories than you expend,” she says. So she doesn’t deprive the body beautiful, Evie forgoes fad diets and uses the “cheat – day method.” “Six days a week I eat extremely well – clean proteins that include grilled fish, chicken and egg whites, along with complex carbs, steamed veggies and lots of water. On the seventh day I can have whatever I want, like ice cream or chocolate cake.” If you want Evie’s advice on your workout, visit her on facebook or email her (elarosa428@gmail.com) a question. If you want to see more of Evie, look for her revealing pictorials coming soon to MusclePinUps.com

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