Sometimes it’s all working for you and you still miss. Other times it all sucks and you get a terrific frame. You just never know. The one surefire way to get nothing is to not bother looking.

Put your camera to your eye. You never know. There are lots of reasons, some of them even good, to just leave it on your shoulder or in your bag. Wrong lens. Wrong light. Aaahhh, it’s not that great, what am I gonna do with it anyway? I’ll have to put my water down, I’ll just delete it later, why bother? Lots of reasons not to take the dive into the eyepiece and once again try to sort out the world into an effective rectangle.

We had really “pushed” the shoot long into mid – morning and were preparing for the forty-five minute hike back to our rental car. The blazing Nevada sun was beginning to take its toll on my 62-year-old model Evie LaRosa, when she shouted, “Just three or four more shots,” I assured her that ‘We’d get nothing. It’s bad, no, make that horrible light. It’s backlit. No color.’ There was a whole litany of reasons why I shouldn’t bother. Every one of them was accurate.

It’s almost always worth it to take another look. I got one of the best pictures of the morning.

The negatives about this picture were very real. I had bad light, no color, and no assistant. What saved this shoot was a 200mm lens a high-gloss gold reflector wedged between my legs, and a speed light mounted on my Nikon. A long lens gives you compression, power, and distills the essence of the frame by isolating the center of interest and dropping down the background. Having a beautiful model with boundless energy and pristine perseverence doesn’t hurt either. Thanks, Evie !

You can check out Evie’s complete photo shoot on the shores of Nevada’s Lake Mead launching soon as yet another exclusive!

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