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Evie LaRosa had just completed her Muscle PinUps photo shoot and HD video production (Saturday, 12 July) when I asked the gorgeous Puerto Rican hottie how she felt? "How do I look? She laughingly snapped back." Well, you look as hot as ever. What can … [Read more...]

Dark Diva Desiree

With exotic looks, a spunky personality and a refreshing open attitude about sexuality, this Ms. Olympia competitor, Desiree Ellis,  is among the most exciting bodybuilders competing today. On her girl/girl scenes, she says, “I find the female … [Read more...]

Here’s a quick Q & A from BrandiMae

Here's a quick Q & A from the gorgeous Brandi Mae: Where were you born? Dallas, Texas. Where do you live now? Las Vegas, Nevada. Birthdate? April 23rd. Your measurements? 36D-27-37 with 23" thighs. What is your website? What's … [Read more...]

High on fitness

Working out doesn't have to be hard or boring says Denise. "I personally love doing my fat burning in the great outdoors and when I need a get away, I try to take my vacations in areas that will allow me to hike or walk while I explore some of the … [Read more...]