Here’s a quick Q & A from BrandiMae

Here’s a quick Q & A from the gorgeous Brandi Mae:

Where were you born?

Dallas, Texas. Where do you live now? Las Vegas, Nevada. Birthdate? April 23rd. Your measurements? 36D-27-37 with 23″ thighs. What is your website? What’s your favorite sex toy? The Rabbit. Favorite color? Purple. Favorite food to munch? Nachos. Favorite thing about living in Las Vegas? Without a doubt, the liberal atmosphere. Living in Las Vegas is like being on a mini vacation everyday. Do you prefer a rain shower or snow? Well, if I have to choose, then a rain shower. London or Paris? Paris. Tea or coffee? Tea. Cats or dogs? Dogs. Beer or liquor? Liquor. Baseball or football? Football. Bath or shower? Shower. Missionary or doggy style? Doggy style. That’s it! Phew! (laughs). 



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