“I look pretty damn good for 64,” Evie told us. The woman does not lie. The rock hard fitness phenomenon shows off her erotic side in her most daring pictorial to date.

If you ask New York-born Evie LaRosa about her feelings as they pertain to her physicality, you’d better be a good listener, because, at 64, she has had a lifetime to accumulate her thoughts, philosophy, and a current grounding in what works best for her in a daily life that still revolves around the very elements that drew her to the world of bodybuilding in the first place. Now, as any individual will tell you, a hyper-sensitive level of attention to physicality is at the root of anyone who chooses bodybuilding as a serious avocation or hobby, and Evie LaRosa happens to be one woman who has taken her physicality and bodybuilding very seriously, and because of that fact, she can be a wealth of information for those willing to seek her guidance.

“I have always had a keen interest in the human form and I have always been in awe of woman with lots of muscles,” admits LaRosa. “So when I began my training six years ago I jumped into the lifestyle with both feet.”

And on the topic of anti-aging and “slowing down” the aging process, LaRosa explained that there’s no one set rule for aging or physical fitness. It may be true that “the average person who is 70 or 80 is over the hill.” According to LaRosa, “They’re fat, they’re racked with aches and pains.” But, she adds, “Then you get people over 90 who are running marathons because they worked at living. I have a lot of energy, and you know why? Because I use it. It’s use it or lose it, and it’s believing in something.”

Evie LaRosa the "ageless wonder" in a daring pictorial now exclusively at

Evie LaRosa the “ageless wonder” in a daring pictorial now exclusively at

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