Beautiful Milinda Richardson is our overwhelming choice for Model Spotlight. As the image to the left proves, the 30-year-old blonde’s brash and sassy star shines brighter than ever. It’s no wonder she stole our hearts . . . and never gave them back.

 Milinda Richardson is comfortable. Very comfortable! The popular internet webcam star is barefoot, wearing a thick, white cotton bathrobe – nothing underneath – while lounging between shoots on a big, fat, plush sofa at the Muscle PinUps studio. My mini recorder sits upon her robe – cloaked abdominals (a strategic position in which she herself placed the hardware) purring like a cat (my recorder, not her belly); the machine’s hidden microphone points upward toward Milinda’s naturally photogenic, all – around face to accurately catch every word during the course of our conversation.

“First I’d like to say thank you to the entire Muscle PinUps crew for inviting me onboard in the first place,” Milinda says excitedly. “Muscle PinUps has treated me very well and I’m honored to be chosen for Model Spotlight.” Of course, we consider ourselves the fortunate ones to have the opportunity to bask in Milinda’s bountiful assests. When we were introduced to the 36 – 29 – 38 head – turner during her initial photo shoot, she made no secret of her smoldering lust for musclemen, “There’s something about them that I find irresistible,” Milinda told us. “These guys are so dedicated and hard – working. They’re rough on the outside, but soft on the inside. That’s just the kind of man I’d like to marry.” Milinda has no plans to settle down just yet, but any man who strikes her fancy should know how to take control of a situation. “I like to be picked up by my date if we were going out,” she says. He should (We interupt, saying ‘Flowers?’) “no!”, she said. “New Nikes and dinner reservations . . . and then he should be prepared to lose all of his reservations in a nice long and loving night.” What else gets Milinda going? “I like a guy who knows how to use his tongue, and I like sex a little rough. I enjoy being manhandled a bit. I like to start out rough – doggie – style, perhaps – and then finish nice and gentle – missionary position, maybe. Some nights, watchout – my guys really work up a sweat! I’m in love with my body, I’m not ashamed of sex, and I’ll try anything. Anything a man wants, he usually gets from me. I’m a nurturer.” It’s a very similar quality that lures Milinda to work each day, “I love performing my private cam shows, ” she told us. “There’s such satisfaction in them. I love what I’m doing right now – I have a dream job. What I do makes a lot of people happy, and I appreciate that my work is enjoyed by others.” The love Milinda has for her work is what makes her so successful as a model. We’ve worked with a lot of women and Milinda is one of the best in the field. She knows how to relate to the camera, and the lens just loves her. She’s a lot of fun, very beautiful, supremely sexy. She’s just amazing – a wonderful choice for Model Spotlight!

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