Amber Steel : Speaking Her Mind

       My work as a bodybuilder has landed me many modeling assignments. I’ve worked with some of the best photographers in the business, have starred in many sizzling-hot DVDs, and have been featured on a number of high-profile websites. I’m really enjoying myself, my nights are free to do what I like, and my work as a model keeps me busy – it’s the perfect combination. I’m very much a free-spirit. I’ve never had any hang-ups about sex, and unlike some women I feel totally comfortable with my muscular body. I’ve always been the type to do whatever makes me feel good. In fact one of my biggest turn-ons is pleasuring myself while other people watch. An old boyfriend once joked that I like to put on a show even when I wasn’t in front of the camera. He was right. I think you would love to see me pleasure myself in Muscle PinUps’ latest DVD Muscle Kink, out now!

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