New women’s physique category

The National Physique committee announced two new amateur categories to the roster for the 2011 competition schedule. The new men physique and womens physique categories. This new group is designed to be a category in-between the women bodybuilding and fitness categories. Some people are speculating that this may be the beginning of the end of woman’s bodybuilding as we know it. We believe that the goal of this new category is simply to encourage more athletes to participate in the sport and that’s always a good thing. More participation means more sponsors and more growth. The strength of all sports ultimately rests in the hands of the fans that are willing to support it. We also believe that women bodybuilding is here to stay. As long as the fans of our sport support the women and the events, the sport will continue to grow and so will the number of women participating in bodybuilding. For more detailed information on this new amateur category visit the NPC site here.

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