First Up, Sweet Angie Salvagno

Is Angie’s yummy pink clit your favorite?  Her panty bulge may give it away, but it certainly warrants closer inspection.  Her model page will supply many more XXX hot shots for you to ponder; then there’s always her starring role in Kinky Clits The Movie.  In the meantime, some quick facts about Angie Salvagno:   Angela scored first place at the 2009 USA Light Heavyweights and Overall Champion to get her pro card. Now those are her competition stats that put her in an elite status of major muscle super babes, but this doesn’t begin to describe how she can knock your socks off. She is the definition of “hotness”!
Height: 5’7″
Chest: 40″
Bicep: 15 1/2″
Weight: 131 Contest, 155 Off season

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