“I’ve always been interested in doing Muscle PinUps,” says Carmella Cureton. “This is so my thing!” she told us sitting down for an interview with photographer Robert Masino while taking a break from her first photo shoot in Florida.

“This is my first time doing anything like this,” she continues, “I love it! I’ve always been a huge fan of Denise and her company. I have always appreciated the “art” that they put into all of their work, which is really cool.”

Carmella is in town for two days of shooting with the Muscle PinUps crew. Wearing a low-cut solid red dress, she’s every bit as beautiful as the camera portrays her following her initial photo set, but, in person, just lounging around the studio, she’s got a certain spark that draws all eyes in the room to her.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland (but calls Atlanta, Georgia home) Carmella began her work in the adult segment of the fitness industry while working as an exotic dancer. “One night a man offered to pay me $300 if I would let him feel my muscles,” she told us. “I guess you can say the rest is history!” And on the question of nudity, “I have no problem with nudity,” she says. “I’m very comfortable with my body. I was very cool working with the “PinUps” crew. Everyone was very friendly and they make you so comfortable. I felt like a movie star for two days because they do your hair and your makeup and just make you look gorgeous.” Carmella has appeared on every high-end website in the genre. For more of Carmella, go to

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