After seeing Muscle PinUps for the first time, I was so impressed that I knew I wanted to be featured in it. All the models had beautiful physiques; they looked feminine, exotic and powerful. Muscle PinUps’ photography captured the beauty of these girls perfectly. I just knew I had to shoot for the website. The way in which the girls are portrayed and the way their muscles are celebrated really inspired me.

I had been working with local photographers in the UK and was hoping Denise Masino and her group would appreciate my look. I contacted Denise myself and finally got the chance to visit the USA and shoot for them.

The day of my shoot was just as I’d imagined, Denise and her crew were a pleasure to work with. I was happy that I’d push for the chance to be involved with Muscle PinUps. I look forward to my next shoot with them later this year.

I do want to say one more thing : My body is very unusual for people in the UK, they’re not quite sure how to appreciate women with this much muscle. With American influences like Muscle PinUps, I think we will see the English taste changing soon! I predict a muscular revolution!

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