Born in Baltimore, Maryland (but calls Atlanta, Georgia her home) Carmella began her work in the adult segment of the fitness industry while she was an exotic dancer, “One night a customer asked me if I would let him touch my muscles and do some private posing for him. He paid me $300 and from that moment on I guess you can say the rest is history.” An interesting speciality in itself – and since that time she has appeared on almost every high-end internet website in the muscle erotica genre.

We have just finalized a deal that will bring Carmella back to the Muscle PinUps studio in late May for additional shooting and to be a part of an ultra-hot new DVD.

Carmella’s Quick Hits : The first you notice about a man is . . . His DICK! And any woman that says, “SIZE” doesn’t matter is full of shit! I like a man who is . . . Intelligent. I get weak when a man . . . Eats my pussy. A gentleman always . . . Opens doors. The perfect kiss should be . . . Wet! The best gift I’ve ever received from a man  . . . Flowers. The first thing a man notices about me is my . . . Muscles, my big biceps and my shoulders. My worst habit is . . . snoring. I wish I were a better . . . Bodybuilder. Nothing relaxes me like  . . . A good fuck! When I’m feeling down I . . . Meditate. If I were an animal, I’d be a . . . Black Panther. My on-camera persona is different than the real me in that . . .It’s not different at all, not in any way. What you see is what you get! I need to change . . . My G-string after I watch porn. My favorite holiday is . . . My birthday. If you could, Paris or Rome? Paris. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Hawaii or the Caribbean? Hawaii. Cats or dogs? Dogs. My favorite sex toy is . . . A real dick!

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