Staying Focused. One of the truths driven home to me in recent months is that in times of dramatic and disruptive economic changes, while the specifics of business’ strategies must evolve, the principles and values that define any successful enterprise must endure.

At Muscle PinUps, one of these enduring principles relates to the importance of member’s needs giving the fans what they want. Our members have been incredibly supportive in helping us mold Muscle PinUps into the website it is today. So let me take this opportunity to thank the many fans who send us comments and feedback telling us what they like, and more importantly, what they don’t like about the new Muscle PinUps. Your continued cooperation will prove invaluable as we continue our quest to make Muscle PinUps an  internet powerhouse.

Here we go again! You asked, and we delivered. Since sultry blonde siren Wanda Moore appeared on this Blog, we’ve received hoards of emails asking for more of the ultra-hot Moore. We tracked her down ( via cell phone) for an uncensored 20 Questions (alright, it’s really 23, but whose counting?)

“My head is still spinning, since my shoot with you guys,” says Wanda. “I’d always thought that if I ever had a chance to be a Muscle PinUps model, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice.” We would have asked twice, of course, but it’s lucky that we didn’t have to – otherwise, you might not have met Wanda yet. The first thing you notice about a man is . . . His head, I don’t know what it is, but I just go crazy over bald-headed men. I like a man who is . . . Strong, physically and emotionally. I get weak when a man . . . Touches my hair. A gentleman always . . . Holds the door for a lady. The perfect kiss should be . . . Soft and slow, very, very slow. If I were an animal, I’d be a . . . Horse, a thoroughbred, a high- spirited one with classic lines. Nothing relaxes me like . . . A good glass of wine. My worst habit is . . . Doubting myself, oh , that drives me crazy! If I were a carnival ride, I’d be the  . . . Funnest muthafucka alive! My on-camera persona is different than the real me in that . . . There one in the same baby! What you see is what you get. When I’m feeling down I . . . Talk to my daughter, and listen to the sound of my granddaughter in the background. I wish I were a better . . . “Everything!” The first thing a man notices about me is . . . Ca’mon, you serious? My tits! I need to change . . . How I shouldn’t give a shit about what people say about me. Especially, people who don’t even really know me. My favorite holiday is . . . Halloween! If you could, Paris or Rome . . . Rome. Coffee or tea . . . Coffee. Hawaii or the Caribbean . . . The Caribbean. Cats or dogs . . . Dogs. Baseball or football . . . Football. Missionary or doggie – style . . . Doggie – style. My favorite sex toy . . . The one Denise gave me from my first shoot with you guys, I use it all the time and relive my hot solo scene where I get to get nasty!

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