We are making waves in the erotic art world. Why not go for a swim?

Muscle PinUps possesses the talent to nullify the taboos surrounding erotic art, to strip sexual poses of all of their pornographic connotation and reduce them to their purest and most beautiful essences. With one click of the shutter, our talented group of photographers can transform an ordinary muscle-gal into a sexual diva. Our ever-expanding body of work encompasses approximately 50,000 images already. Take all of these factors into account, and you’ve got a website whose potential for generating ideas – even changing the face of women’s bodybuilding – seems to be limitless.

From the early stages, Muscle PinUps was born out of a desire to display, with great gusto, the visual beauty of the muscular female. We have been waging an ongoing battle to uncover new and different ways to take a common idea and breathe new life into it. To ask, how are we going to make this more exciting? Are we repeating ourselves? It seems safe to say that the answer to this last question is “no.” During the last ten years, our company has exploded in every conceivable direction as chronicled in SEXCETERA (Playboy TV), City TV (Canada and the UK), nad Peep TV (Germany), not to mention our ever- expanding line of ultra-popular adult DVDs. Mainstream has noticed!

We have established a clear distinction between erotic and pornographic photography. Whereas many mainstream women identify the idea of pornography with sexual depravity or the lack of self-respect, erotic art provides a new perspective on a similar subject matter. Erotic photographs, like these, are of a high enough quality that a woman who wouldn’t normally find herself posing in the context of an adult setting is comfortable posing in one of our scenes.

Our success in catalyzing this transformation in so many of our models is our most constant source of fulfillment. Transcending the stigmas that the mainstream world applies to erotica is another of our ongoing objectives. Everyone can recognize a good painting when they see one, so why can’t we achieve a universal understanding of what a really good photograph is? When it comes to erotica, people automatically assume that the subject matter is cliche’. As I said, we are always looking for new and different ways of reinventing these magnificent women.

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